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Ceramic tile for backsplash. 

Tile, stone and glass all make wonderful options for tiling the backsplash in your kitchen, bar or bathroom. When choosing tile for this application, be aware that some stones and some glass react to water and other liquids in sometimes not so desirable ways. Ceramic tile for backsplashes is the most popular choice for a number of reasons: cost, style, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance. The reason maintenance is an issue is no one wants to look at their backsplash that is stained from years of cooking with oil, grease, fats, water, and other liquids. If stone is the choice for your backsplash then a regular cleaning and sealing system needs to be in place to properly maintain the beauty of your backsplash. 

When ceramic tile backsplashes are chosen, then typically the maintenance is simple: seal the grout after installation and then simply wipe down the backsplash with a damp cloth and any spills or splatters will wipe off. This is true for glass and properly maintained stone backsplashes. 

Another aspect that needs mentioning as a choice for ceramic tile backsplashes is the ease of installation. Some ceramic tiles in smaller sizes have lugs, or built in spacers that make it easier for the tile contractor to install the tile and have it look professional. 

When installing glass for backsplashes, as well as any other product, make sure the installer has read the instructions from the tile or stone manufacturer, and also has selected the proper installation setting materials for the product being installed. There is nothing worse than buying beautiful tile and then having the installer do a poor job! Ask your contractor about installation methods, and make sure he or she is fully aware of TCNA guidelines for installing tile, stone or glass.

Traditions in tile and stone offers a huge selection of stone, ceramics, glass and deco’s for ceramic backsplashes and other areas of your home. The newest line we have to offer is “The Slate” series from Cerdomus, and Italian manufacturer that uses the latest technology available in the body of the tile and the design. Come pick your ceramic backsplash from Traditions in Tile and Stone today!

Traditions In Tile
has been providing ceramic tile in Georgia for over 75 years. Being a Georgia based company we pride ourselves on providing a remarkable experience for each of our clients. We have ceramic tile showrooms in Nine (8) Georgia cities including Marietta, Alpharetta, Buford, Buckhead, Macon, Newnan, Athens and Augusta. In addition to Georgia, we have locations in Tennessee, and North Carolina. Georgia Builders, Architects, Designers and Remodelers depend on us to provide first class Tile, Stone, Glass and related products to them as industry professionals.
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